Friday, August 1, 2014

morning thoughts...

After successful and profitable july series , its time for creating mega wealth in august series.

From monday we will give a bunch and basket of mixed ripe fruits which will yield best returns in august series.

Nifty + bank nifty - assured 500 points in nifty and 1000 points in bank nifty
Double and triple bumper calls - all call will double in minimum
Jackpot + fii calls - returns in 30% minimum
Special bonanza call which will double in cash , fo and options
Superlative commodity calls

This series only for clients

Thursday, July 31, 2014

morning thoughts...

The markets respected the support levels and bounced back to achieve our targets of 7800 on nifty front.
Technically the pull back was not so conducive and we would look it with suspicion and deception, so the coming session calls in for volatility with negative bias.
However leaving apart the indices individual stocks and sectors will continue to be strong and will provide oppurtunities through out the day.
On the lower side 7450 is a major support whereas on the upside 7825 will be a stiff and tough resistance zone to deal with..
So the trading strategy remains to sell on rallies to 7800 with a sl near 7825 for targets near to 7700 levels.
Coming to the commodity markets bullions will face pressure in the coming sessions with gold seeing much pressure whereas silver may see some upsides.
Base metals and energy will trade mix with negative bias.

Stocks to watch for thursday

Mahindra gesco , indoco remedies are the best picks for jackpot and fii call segment on buying side

Cesc , sun pharma , cipla , tata steel are the strongest picks for fo segment on buying side

Nifty and bank nifty is a sell for the day

Douible bumper options - L& t 1500 pa , Nifty 7700 pa looks best

Sell Gold , alumunium , lead

Buy Silver , natural gas 

Last Days 

Double bumper - Bharti 360 ca , idea 150 ca - doubled
Jackpot and fii - buy Bombay burmah rose 46 rs , jk lakshmi rose 27 rs
Cash and fo -sell delta corp crashed 7 rs , escorts fell 11 rs

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

morning thoughts...

Double bumper buy Bharti 360 ca , idea 150 ca

Jackpot and fii - buy Bombay burmah , jk lakshmi cement 

Cash and fo - sell delta corp and escorts

Buy crude , gold , silver

Those who missed special discount on ID can avail the same today , get 15% discount on all packages

Friday, July 25, 2014

morning thoughts...

The markets yet again decepted and decided its course upwards after a full day of volatility.
Astrologically Lord Sani changes its sign, approximately after 2.5 years. 
It moved out from virgo and entered in libra, in the year 2011. 
In between, being retrograde, it transited into virgo and then after getting direct, transited into libra. 
As per Lord Sani Peyarchi Palangal 2014, it will reside in libra till November 2, 2014. Rasi Palan 2014 foretells that Rasi Kanni, Thulaam, and Viruchigam; will get influenced by Sani Sade Sati.
On the other hand, impact of Dhaiya will be seen on Rasi Kadagam and Rasi Meenam says Rasi Palangal 2014. In 2014, Sani will transit twice and each transit will create different effects on every individual.
With Sani Peyarchi in 2014,  effects of Sani transit, which will bring changes for quite longer duration.
Coming to the current mood seems to be mixed, which could easily confuse a naive market participant - the individual investor. Opposing views are flying around now given the very sharp run up in stock prices. Some are of the view that with the run up in stock prices, their valuations have followed suit and thus, story may not be as compelling as before.
The rationale for the same is that the next leg of the rally will be driven by earnings and reforms rather than sentiments. 
However, on the other hand, you have investors taking broader views of things; stating that Indian markets are the place to be. 
India's weight in Global Emerging Market (GEM) funds has hit a record high of 10.5% in the month of June this year. During the market peak of 2007, the same stood at 7.5%. While this share has been quite volatile in the years following 2007, the optimism started to build up ever since hopes of the Modi led government coming into power started increasing. And from what it seems, the funds are "overwhelmingly" bullish on Indian stocks even now! 
At the end of the day, no matter what the market situation may be, stock prices will eventually reflect the underlying fundamentals of their respective companies, and that is what investors would be better off gauging is what we believe. If valuations do seem to have run ahead of fundamentals, it would not necessarily be a bad idea to make the most of the current optimistic scenario. 
Coming to the commodity markets bullions still looks weak , base metals and energy looks strong for a buy on dips

Thursday's wealth creators

Buy Nifty - gave 67 points , bank nifty yielded 136 points
Sell Silver - gave 900 points , gold gave 178 points
Buy Copper - gave 5 rs , zinc gave 2 rs
Jackpot and fii - tata sponge gave 210 rs , ndtv gave 16 rs
Options - sail 90 ca gave 2 rs , hindalco 190 ca gave 3 rs , nifty 7800 ce gave 29 rs

Thursday, July 24, 2014

morning thoughts...

Relax for the day 
Volatility ahead
Wealth toddlers for clients only