Friday, October 31, 2014

morning thoughts...

The markets continued its journey upwards as said and expected and closed positive for the day.
Technically the markets are still strong and we move into a new series and some reactions are not ruled out.
When you sit to analyse a stock or an industry, there are certain key elements in the external environment that you should not avoid scrutinizing. Government and regulatory bodies are one such factor. A sector may have great growth potential. But one whip from the government can sometimes debilitate the future business prospects. 
Take the e-commerce industry in India. It's still in a very nascent stage and has immense growth potential. Foreign investors have been pumping in large amounts of money in online portals such as Flipkart, Amazon India, Snapdeal. 
Now here is a piece of news that we came across. It seems that Amazon has flagged a regulatory risk pertaining to its Indian operations in its standard quarterly regulatory filing with the US stock market regulator. Did you know India has a ban on FDI in direct online retail? How is it then, you may wonder, that the large online portals are thriving on foreign funding? Here is the twist. Apparently, the e-commerce sites have created complicated structures to escape the regulatory whip. On paper, these companies show that they operate purely as online marketplaces that connect buyers and third party sellers. But regulators may not be easily convinced. 
Flipkart is already being probed for likely violation of the FDI norm. Amazon India too is facing the wrath of the tax department in Karnataka. So while the e-commerce sector has solid growth prospects, the ride may be a bit bumpy in the interim. 

Coming to the commodity markets bullions will trade volatile , base metals and energy will remain weak and give oppurtunity to buy on dips.
Huge astrological change takes place which will bring huge move and deception in equity and commodity markets.

Yesterday's calls sent

Silver Mcx - sell at cmp 37650 sl 37890 targets 36800 - booked profits at 36880
Crude Mcx - sell at cmp 5077 sl 5105 targets 4970 - booked profits at 4985
Copper Mcx - sell at cmp 419 sl 421 targets 414 - booked profits at 415
Nifty - buy at cmp 8095 sl 8077 targets 8150 - went 8172
Jackpot Option Maruti 3200 ca - buy at cmp 25 sl 15 targets 75 - went 91
Double bumper Hcl tech 1500 ca - buy at cmp 37 sl 28 targets 70 - went 82.55
Double bumper Tech mahindra 2500 ca - buy at cmp 6 sl 3 targets 15 - went 20
Sesa sterlite 250 ca - buy at cmp 3 sl 1.50 targets 6 - hit sl
Jackpot Century textiles - buy at cmp 529 sl 507 targets 565 - went 563.80
Fii Srf - buy at cmp 807 sl 780 targets 900 - went 922
Yes bank - buy at cmp 645 sl 637 targets 660 - went 664.70
Dlf - sell at cmp 116 sl 118 targets 110 - hit sl
Idfc - sell at cmp 147 sl 148 targets 141 - hit sl

Thursday, October 30, 2014

morning thoughts...

The markets maintained 8000 on the lower side and managed to inch up and many stocks outperformed the markets.
Technically the markets are still up and now we are into f/o expiry and the markets are expected to remain volatile with positive bias.
Astrologically jupiter , uranus , venus trines pisces and saggitarius in trine motion , get ready for huge surprises and deceptions in coming sessions.
On the lower side 8000 remains as good support levels for the markets whereas 8200 will act as resistance zones for the markets.
Coming to the commodity markets bullions will trade mixed , base metals and energy looks positive.

New rates with hiked rates applicable from today

Yesterday's calls sent

Gold Mcx - booked profits at 27085 - short from 27358
Copper Mcx - buy at cmp 418 sl 417 targets 421 - booked profits at 420.90
Natural gas Mcx - buy at cmp 230 sl 228 targets 235 - booked profits at 234
Nifty - buy at cmp 8065 sl 8049 targets 8100 - booked at 8092
Fii Srf - buy at cmp 730 sl 710 targets 800 - went 807
Jackpot Just dial - buy at cmp 1398 sl 1375 targets 1500 - went 1475
Double bumper Hindalco 150 ca - buy at cmp 2.50 sl 1.75 targets 6 - went 7.40
Double bumper Tata steel 460 ca - buy at cmp 3.50 sl 2 targets 10 - went 13
Jackpot Option Maruti 3200 ca - buy at cmp 14 sl 8 targets 35 - went 43
Dlf - sell at cmp 111 sl 113 targets 103 - hit sl
Ranbaxy - buy at cmp 627 sl 620 targets 650 - hit sl

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

morning thoughts...

The markets remained in a range as said and expected and is likely to follow the same pattern in the coming session with stock specific moves.
If the World Bank's views prediction is anything to go by, India's growth is going to accelerate at a fast pace next year. As per the bank, GDP growth in the current year is expected to be 5.6%. And is likely to rise to 6.4% by FY16 and 7% by FY17. What is likely to drive this growth will be the full impact of the reforms. Also, the implementation of the Good and Service Tax (GST) would give a boost to manufacturing. As you would be aware, for a while now, the Indian manufacturing industry has been marred by supply chain delays and uncertainty. Regulatory barriers to the movement of goods across state borders have put such units at a significant disadvantage with international competitors. And as the transit times increases, this impacts the overall transit cycle; thereby, reducing the overall competitiveness. In our view, the implementation of the GST could turbo-charge India's economic growth and help in improving competitiveness of India's manufacturing sector. We only hope this time around, this particular reform does indeed see the light of the day as planned. 

Last day's calls

Fii Amara raja battery - rose by 45 rs
Jackpot Ranbaxy 600 ca - tripled
Jackpot Sun pharma 800 ca - tripled
Double bumper sbi 2600 ca - doubled
Icici bank - rose 65 rs
Copper - rose 5 rs
Gold and silver hit stoploss

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

morning thoughts...

The markets traded volatile throughout the session and is expected to do the same in the coming session.
Only sustained earnings growth can lead to long term wealth creation.
Instead of worrying about the markets, it is better to focus on the earnings potential of the business. Think about it this way. If a business has a decent competitive advantage and earns a return on capital that is well above its cost of capital; then in the long run, even a moderate growth in earnings will create a lot of wealth for shareholders. The same applies to the entire market as well. The period between 2003 and 2008 was marked by a big pick up in earnings. As global liquidity was ample during this time, it was natural for the stock market to rally. 
However, the important thing to note is that without the growth in earnings, no amount of liquidity will be able to drive markets for long. This is why long term investors like us, prefer to focus on the sustainability of the earnings potential. Even the sustainability of the current bull market will be determined solely on the basis of the expected pick-up in growth. If the government continues on the path of reforms, then the future is indeed bright for the markets.



Yesterday's calls sent

Double bumper Dlf 110 pa - buy at cmp 2.30 sl 1.75 targets 4.75 - booked profits at 4.25
Double bumper Yes bank 640 ca - buy at cmp 5 sl 3 targets 12 - booked at 11
Kotak mahindra - buy at cmp 1057 sl 1045 targets 1080 - went 1087
Drl - buy at cmp 3055 sl 3040 targets 3125- went 3129
Hmt- buy at cmp 35 sl 34 targets 39 - went 38.80
Jackpot option Hul 740 pa - buy at cmp 12 sl 9 targets 25 - booked at 23


NIFTY 4800 TO 10500.....?


Planet transits in year 2015

01.01.2015 h.19:48: Mars opposition Jupiter
02.01.2015 h.07:36: Mars sextile Kora
03.01.2015 h.08:40: Sun square Uranus
03.01.2015 h.14:48: Venus ingres Aquarius
03.01.2015 h.23:34: Sun conjunction Pluto
04.01.2015 h.14:15: Venus sextile Saturn
05.01.2015 h.01:07: Mercury ingres Aquarius
05.01.2015 h.22:21: Mercury sextile Saturn
08.01.2015 h.15:22: Ceres ingres Capricorn
11.01.2015 h.10:04: Sun quincunx Jupiter
12.01.2015 h.10:20: Mars ingres Pisces
12.01.2015 h.15:03: Sun square Kora
13.01.2015 h.20:12: Venus sextile Uranus
14.01.2015 h.10:24: Mercury sextile Uranus
15.01.2015 h.06:10: Mars square Saturn
16.01.2015 h.10:15: Mars sextile Ceres
19.01.2015 h.13:44: Venus opposition Jupiter
20.01.2015 h.00:08: Mars conjunction Neptune
20.01.2015 h.09:43: Sun ingres Aquarius
21.01.2015 h.06:44: Venus sextile Kora
23.01.2015 h.05:23: Sun sextile Saturn
23.01.2015 h.19:19: Ceres sextile Neptune
27.01.2015 h.14:59: Venus ingres Pisces
28.01.2015 h.05:02: Mercury sextile Uranus
30.01.2015 h.08:22: Venus square Saturn
30.01.2015 h.13:39: Mars sextile Pluto
30.01.2015 h.13:45: Sun conjunction Mercury

01.02.2015 h.17:35: Venus conjunction Neptune
02.02.2015 h.12:29: Sun sextile Uranus
04.02.2015 h.10:04: Mars quincunx Jupiter
05.02.2015 h.09:54: Venus sextile Ceres
05.02.2015 h.11:38: Mercury sextile Saturn
06.02.2015 h.18:19: Sun opposition Jupiter
08.02.2015 h.05:53: Venus sextile Pluto
10.02.2015 h.10:19: Venus quincunx Jupiter
11.02.2015 h.05:55: Sun sextile Kora
12.02.2015 h.20:25: Ceres square Uranus
15.02.2015 h.08:16: Ceres conjunction Pluto
18.02.2015 h.23:49: Sun ingres Pisces
19.02.2015 h.02:41: Ceres quincunx Jupiter
19.02.2015 h.13:05: Mercury sextile Saturn
20.02.2015 h.00:11: Mars ingres Aries
20.02.2015 h.20:05: Venus ingres Aries
22.02.2015 h.05:12: Venus conjunction Mars
23.02.2015 h.13:55: Sun square Saturn
24.02.2015 h.14:57: Venus trine Saturn
26.02.2015 h.03:08: Mars trine Saturn
26.02.2015 h.04:54: Sun conjunction Neptune
27.02.2015 h.23:10: Jupiter quincunx Pluto

01.03.2015 h.15:55: Mercury sextile Uranus
01.03.2015 h.21:15: Mercury opposition Jupiter
03.03.2015 h.12:25: Jupiter trine Uranus
04.03.2015 h.15:14: Venus trine Jupiter
04.03.2015 h.18:45: Venus conjunction Uranus
05.03.2015 h.03:17: Venus square Pluto
05.03.2015 h.07:32: Sun quincunx Jupiter
06.03.2015 h.00:18: Sun sextile Pluto
07.03.2015 h.19:08: Mercury sextile Kora
09.03.2015 h.08:37: Ceres square Kora
10.03.2015 h.06:03: Mars trine Jupiter
11.03.2015 h.03:18: Venus conjunction Kora
11.03.2015 h.16:05: Mars conjunction Uranus
11.03.2015 h.18:45: Venus square Ceres
11.03.2015 h.22:40: Mars square Pluto
13.03.2015 h.03:51: Mercury ingres Pisces
15.03.2015 h.04:36: Sun sextile Ceres
16.03.2015 h.09:40: Mercury square Saturn
17.03.2015 h.02:53: Uranus square Pluto
17.03.2015 h.10:14: Venus ingres Taurus
18.03.2015 h.08:48: Mercury conjunction Neptune
20.03.2015 h.22:45: Sun ingres Aries
21.03.2015 h.11:38: Venus quincunx Saturn
21.03.2015 h.11:54: Mercury quincunx Jupiter
21.03.2015 h.14:33: Mars conjunction Kora
22.03.2015 h.20:26: Mercury sextile Pluto
24.03.2015 h.06:25: Venus sextile Neptune
25.03.2015 h.19:24: Sun trine Saturn
28.03.2015 h.02:10: Venus square Jupiter
29.03.2015 h.23:54: Mars square Ceres
30.03.2015 h.07:47: Venus trine Pluto
30.03.2015 h.11:18: Mercury sextile Ceres
31.03.2015 h.01:43: Mercury ingres Aries
31.03.2015 h.16:26: Mars ingres Taurus

02.04.2015 h.12:20: Mercury trine Saturn
02.04.2015 h.17:20: Sun trine Jupiter
03.04.2015 h.12:17: Ceres ingres Aquarius
05.04.2015 h.15:07: Sun square Pluto
06.04.2015 h.13:25: Mercury trine Jupiter
06.04.2015 h.14:07: Sun conjunction Uranus
06.04.2015 h.18:17: Mars quincunx Saturn
08.04.2015 h.00:06: Mercury square Pluto
08.04.2015 h.12:19: Mercury conjunction Uranus
10.04.2015 h.04:00: Sun conjunction Mercury
11.04.2015 h.11:34: Mercury conjunction Kora
11.04.2015 h.15:28: Venus ingres Gemini
12.04.2015 h.17:22: Mars sextile Neptune
12.04.2015 h.23:23: Sun conjunction Kora
13.04.2015 h.22:07: Venus trine Ceres
14.04.2015 h.22:51: Mercury ingres Taurus
15.04.2015 h.04:24: Venus opposition Saturn
16.04.2015 h.12:09: Mercury square Ceres
16.04.2015 h.21:05: Mercury quincunx Saturn
18.04.2015 h.00:28: Mars square Jupiter
19.04.2015 h.07:12: Mercury sextile Neptune
19.04.2015 h.09:23: Ceres sextile Saturn
19.04.2015 h.10:29: Venus square Neptune
20.04.2015 h.09:41: Sun ingres Taurus
21.04.2015 h.04:15: Mercury square Jupiter
21.04.2015 h.21:34: Mars trine Pluto
22.04.2015 h.13:26: Mercury trine Pluto
22.04.2015 h.18:40: Venus sextile Jupiter
22.04.2015 h.23:03: Mercury conjunction Mars
24.04.2015 h.03:16: Sun quincunx Saturn
25.04.2015 h.01:54: Venus quincunx Pluto
25.04.2015 h.18:23: Sun square Ceres
26.04.2015 h.21:30: Venus sextile Uranus
29.04.2015 h.23:10: Sun sextile Neptune

01.05.2015 h.01:59: Mercury ingres Gemini
01.05.2015 h.14:37: Venus sextile Kora
03.05.2015 h.08:34: Mercury opposition Saturn
04.05.2015 h.09:01: Sun square Jupiter
06.05.2015 h.07:10: Sun trine Pluto
06.05.2015 h.23:48: Mercury trine Ceres
07.05.2015 h.22:51: Venus ingres Cancer
09.05.2015 h.16:08: Mercury square Neptune
10.05.2015 h.07:01: Venus quincunx Saturn
12.05.2015 h.02:40: Mars ingres Gemini
15.05.2015 h.06:02: Mars opposition Saturn
15.05.2015 h.11:24: Venus quincunx Ceres
16.05.2015 h.18:48: Venus trine Neptune
21.05.2015 h.08:44: Sun ingres Gemini
21.05.2015 h.11:39: Jupiter quincunx Pluto
22.05.2015 h.01:56: Venus opposition Pluto
23.05.2015 h.01:34: Sun opposition Saturn
24.05.2015 h.21:04: Mars trine Ceres
25.05.2015 h.17:09: Venus square Uranus
25.05.2015 h.23:38: Mars square Neptune
27.05.2015 h.10:36: Mercury conjunction Mars
29.05.2015 h.07:00: Mercury square Neptune
29.05.2015 h.18:30: Venus square Kora
30.05.2015 h.08:24: Mercury trine Ceres
30.05.2015 h.16:55: Sun conjunction Mercury
30.05.2015 h.22:14: Sun trine Ceres
31.05.2015 h.13:07: Sun square Neptune

02.06.2015 h.15:40: Mars quincunx Pluto
05.06.2015 h.15:32: Venus ingres Leo
05.06.2015 h.23:31: Sun quincunx Pluto
05.06.2015 h.23:38: Mars sextile Jupiter
06.06.2015 h.06:23: Venus trine Saturn
08.06.2015 h.21:55: Sun sextile Jupiter
09.06.2015 h.07:29: Mars sextile Uranus
10.06.2015 h.12:51: Mercury sextile Venus
10.06.2015 h.21:30: Sun sextile Uranus
14.06.2015 h.15:56: Sun conjunction Mars
14.06.2015 h.16:25: Sun sextile Kora
14.06.2015 h.16:36: Mars sextile Kora
15.06.2015 h.00:35: Saturn ingres Scorpio
15.06.2015 h.02:29: Venus opposition Ceres
16.06.2015 h.06:20: Venus quincunx Neptune
21.06.2015 h.06:51: Sun quincunx Saturn
21.06.2015 h.16:37: Sun ingres Cancer
21.06.2015 h.18:03: Mercury trine Ceres
21.06.2015 h.22:48: Venus quincunx Pluto
22.06.2015 h.13:46: Jupiter trine Uranus
23.06.2015 h.18:08: Mercury square Neptune
23.06.2015 h.18:35: Mars quincunx Saturn
24.06.2015 h.13:32: Mars ingres Cancer
28.06.2015 h.08:20: Mercury quincunx Pluto
29.06.2015 h.05:53: Sun quincunx Ceres
29.06.2015 h.06:26: Venus trine Uranus

01.07.2015 h.07:50: Venus conjunction Jupiter
01.07.2015 h.21:09: Sun trine Neptune
02.07.2015 h.18:50: Mercury sextile Uranus
04.07.2015 h.00:53: Mercury sextile Jupiter
04.07.2015 h.01:22: Venus trine Kora
04.07.2015 h.02:56: Mars quincunx Ceres
04.07.2015 h.20:27: Mercury sextile Kora
05.07.2015 h.08:18: Mercury sextile Venus
06.07.2015 h.15:38: Sun opposition Pluto
08.07.2015 h.02:18: Mercury quincunx Saturn
08.07.2015 h.18:51: Mercury ingres Cancer
08.07.2015 h.22:42: Mars trine Neptune
10.07.2015 h.15:32: Jupiter trine Kora
11.07.2015 h.12:02: Mercury quincunx Ceres
13.07.2015 h.02:52: Sun square Uranus
13.07.2015 h.19:13: Mercury trine Neptune
14.07.2015 h.06:47: Venus square Saturn
15.07.2015 h.14:12: Mars opposition Pluto
15.07.2015 h.23:39: Mercury opposition Pluto
16.07.2015 h.04:14: Mercury conjunction Mars
16.07.2015 h.05:52: Sun square Kora
18.07.2015 h.22:38: Venus ingres Virgo
19.07.2015 h.01:07: Mercury square Uranus
20.07.2015 h.10:06: Mercury square Kora
21.07.2015 h.11:07: Sun trine Saturn
22.07.2015 h.17:50: Mercury trine Saturn
23.07.2015 h.03:30: Sun ingres Leo
23.07.2015 h.12:14: Mercury ingres Leo
23.07.2015 h.19:23: Sun conjunction Mercury
24.07.2015 h.13:46: Mercury opposition Ceres
25.07.2015 h.07:53: Sun opposition Ceres
25.07.2015 h.09:42: Mars square Uranus
27.07.2015 h.23:05: Mercury quincunx Neptune
29.07.2015 h.20:12: Mars square Kora
30.07.2015 h.03:21: Mercury quincunx Pluto
31.07.2015 h.15:27: Venus ingres Leo

01.08.2015 h.18:23: Sun quincunx Neptune
02.08.2015 h.14:50: Mercury trine Uranus
03.08.2015 h.10:36: Jupiter square Saturn
03.08.2015 h.23:14: Ceres ingres Capricorn
04.08.2015 h.03:55: Mercury trine Kora
04.08.2015 h.21:46: Venus conjunction Jupiter
05.08.2015 h.15:08: Venus square Saturn
06.08.2015 h.07:30: Sun quincunx Pluto
06.08.2015 h.08:29: Mars trine Saturn
06.08.2015 h.14:24: Mercury conjunction Venus
06.08.2015 h.20:19: Mercury square Saturn
07.08.2015 h.07:08: Mercury conjunction Jupiter
07.08.2015 h.09:43: Mercury quincunx Ceres
07.08.2015 h.18:43: Mars opposition Ceres
07.08.2015 h.19:14: Mercury ingres Virgo
07.08.2015 h.19:30: Ceres quincunx Jupiter
08.08.2015 h.23:32: Mars ingres Leo
11.08.2015 h.11:11: Jupiter ingres Virgo
12.08.2015 h.06:17: Ceres sextile Saturn
13.08.2015 h.01:11: Mercury opposition Neptune
13.08.2015 h.10:26: Sun trine Uranus
14.08.2015 h.16:00: Venus trine Kora
15.08.2015 h.19:21: Sun conjunction Venus
15.08.2015 h.19:55: Mercury trine Pluto
16.08.2015 h.12:47: Sun trine Kora
19.08.2015 h.16:43: Venus trine Uranus
20.08.2015 h.08:22: Sun quincunx Ceres
20.08.2015 h.10:01: Mercury quincunx Uranus
21.08.2015 h.23:40: Sun square Saturn
22.08.2015 h.10:21: Mars quincunx Neptune
22.08.2015 h.13:56: Mercury quincunx Kora
23.08.2015 h.10:37: Sun ingres Virgo
24.08.2015 h.20:38: Mercury trine Ceres
26.08.2015 h.16:07: Mercury sextile Saturn
26.08.2015 h.22:02: Sun conjunction Jupiter
27.08.2015 h.15:44: Mercury ingres Libra
29.08.2015 h.10:28: Mars quincunx Pluto

01.09.2015 h.03:37: Sun opposition Neptune
01.09.2015 h.05:03: Venus conjunction Mars
04.09.2015 h.03:02: Mercury quincunx Neptune
05.09.2015 h.23:10: Sun trine Pluto
08.09.2015 h.19:53: Mars trine Uranus
09.09.2015 h.19:27: Mercury square Pluto
12.09.2015 h.17:17: Sun quincunx Uranus
14.09.2015 h.05:07: Mars trine Kora
16.09.2015 h.07:50: Sun quincunx Kora
17.09.2015 h.06:53: Jupiter opposition Neptune
17.09.2015 h.07:44: Mars quincunx Ceres
18.09.2015 h.02:48: Saturn ingres Saggitarius
18.09.2015 h.08:57: Sun trine Ceres
23.09.2015 h.03:59: Venus trine Uranus
23.09.2015 h.08:20: Sun ingres Libra
23.09.2015 h.18:36: Sun sextile Saturn
24.09.2015 h.22:26: Mercury square Pluto
25.09.2015 h.02:17: Mars ingres Virgo
26.09.2015 h.01:11: Mars square Saturn
29.09.2015 h.09:45: Venus trine Kora
30.09.2015 h.03:18: Mercury quincunx Neptune
30.09.2015 h.14:38: Sun conjunction Mercury

01.10.2015 h.03:04: Sun quincunx Neptune
03.10.2015 h.19:17: Venus quincunx Ceres
06.10.2015 h.14:14: Sun square Pluto
06.10.2015 h.22:57: Mercury sextile Saturn
07.10.2015 h.02:52: Mars opposition Neptune
08.10.2015 h.17:29: Venus ingres Virgo
11.10.2015 h.00:30: Venus square Saturn
11.10.2015 h.23:51: Jupiter trine Pluto
12.10.2015 h.03:49: Sun opposition Uranus
13.10.2015 h.09:54: Mercury sextile Saturn
16.10.2015 h.03:35: Mars trine Pluto
16.10.2015 h.13:12: Sun opposition Kora
17.10.2015 h.02:52: Venus opposition Neptune
17.10.2015 h.22:39: Mars conjunction Jupiter
18.10.2015 h.16:10: Mercury quincunx Neptune
22.10.2015 h.17:45: Sun square Ceres
22.10.2015 h.21:21: Mercury square Pluto
23.10.2015 h.07:42: Venus trine Pluto
23.10.2015 h.17:46: Sun ingres Scorpio
24.10.2015 h.04:21: Mars quincunx Uranus
25.10.2015 h.20:03: Venus conjunction Jupiter
25.10.2015 h.22:59: Mercury opposition Uranus
27.10.2015 h.15:52: Ceres ingres Aquarius
28.10.2015 h.01:22: Venus quincunx Uranus
28.10.2015 h.21:37: Mercury opposition Kora
30.10.2015 h.21:05: Sun trine Neptune
31.10.2015 h.20:25: Mars quincunx Kora

01.11.2015 h.18:16: Venus quincunx Kora
02.11.2015 h.07:06: Mercury ingres Scorpio
03.11.2015 h.01:10: Venus conjunction Mars
03.11.2015 h.04:10: Mercury square Ceres
05.11.2015 h.22:01: Jupiter quincunx Uranus
06.11.2015 h.04:00: Sun sextile Pluto
06.11.2015 h.13:38: Mercury trine Neptune
08.11.2015 h.15:30: Venus ingres Libra
10.11.2015 h.03:15: Sun quincunx Uranus
10.11.2015 h.12:13: Mercury sextile Pluto
11.11.2015 h.02:16: Sun sextile Jupiter
12.11.2015 h.00:10: Venus trine Ceres
12.11.2015 h.20:35: Mercury quincunx Uranus
12.11.2015 h.21:40: Mars ingres Libra
13.11.2015 h.17:11: Venus sextile Saturn
13.11.2015 h.18:17: Mercury sextile Jupiter
15.11.2015 h.01:32: Venus quincunx Neptune
15.11.2015 h.06:40: Sun quincunx Kora
16.11.2015 h.03:12: Mercury quincunx Kora
17.11.2015 h.14:52: Sun conjunction Mercury
20.11.2015 h.19:43: Mercury ingres Saggitarius
21.11.2015 h.02:01: Venus square Pluto
22.11.2015 h.11:42: Ceres sextile Saturn
22.11.2015 h.15:25: Sun ingres Saggitarius
23.11.2015 h.22:13: Venus opposition Uranus
24.11.2015 h.05:18: Mars sextile Saturn
24.11.2015 h.15:58: Mars quincunx Neptune
25.11.2015 h.04:56: Mercury conjunction Saturn
25.11.2015 h.05:48: Mars trine Ceres
25.11.2015 h.07:14: Mercury square Neptune
25.11.2015 h.14:01: Mercury sextile Ceres
25.11.2015 h.16:31: Mercury sextile Mars
26.11.2015 h.12:14: Saturn square Neptune
28.11.2015 h.16:48: Venus opposition Kora
29.11.2015 h.14:49: Sun square Neptune
30.11.2015 h.00:15: Sun conjunction Saturn

01.12.2015 h.13:59: Mercury trine Uranus
01.12.2015 h.22:51: Sun sextile Ceres
04.12.2015 h.12:52: Mercury square Jupiter
05.12.2015 h.04:14: Venus ingres Scorpio
05.12.2015 h.04:50: Mercury trine Kora
06.12.2015 h.10:13: Sun sextile Mars
06.12.2015 h.20:51: Mars square Pluto
09.12.2015 h.02:38: Sun trine Uranus
10.12.2015 h.02:34: Mercury ingres Capricorn
11.12.2015 h.01:30: Mars opposition Uranus
11.12.2015 h.06:13: Venus trine Neptune
14.12.2015 h.15:02: Sun square Jupiter
14.12.2015 h.16:52: Sun trine Kora
14.12.2015 h.19:39: Mercury sextile Neptune
15.12.2015 h.15:06: Jupiter quincunx Kora
17.12.2015 h.09:44: Venus square Ceres
17.12.2015 h.11:19: Venus sextile Pluto
19.12.2015 h.03:56: Venus quincunx Uranus
19.12.2015 h.18:55: Mercury conjunction Pluto
20.12.2015 h.23:02: Mars opposition Kora
21.12.2015 h.03:07: Mercury square Uranus
22.12.2015 h.04:47: Sun ingres Capricorn
23.12.2015 h.10:35: Ceres sextile Uranus
23.12.2015 h.22:57: Venus quincunx Kora
24.12.2015 h.10:02: Venus sextile Jupiter
25.12.2015 h.08:30: Mercury square Kora
25.12.2015 h.20:18: Mercury trine Jupiter
29.12.2015 h.13:17: Sun sextile Neptune
29.12.2015 h.14:52: Mercury square Mars
30.12.2015 h.07:16: Venus ingres Saggitarius

Monday, October 27, 2014

morning thoughts...

Markets returns after a long break with major astrological change in cards and we enter into a f/o expiry week and the markets tends to be volatile and choppy in the coming sessions.
Technically the markets ought to be in a range with focus on stock specific movements.
Many stocks will buck the trend and give good oppurtunities.
On the lower side 7950 remains a good support for the nifty and 8090 remains as resistance levels for the markets.
Coming to the commodity markets bullions , base metals and energy is likely to trade positive in the coming sessions.

Monday probable wealth creators

Buy bhel , hmt
Double bumper buy Dlf 110 pa
Double bumper buy Yes Bank 640 ca
Fo buy Kotak mahindra , Drl
Jackpot Option buy Hul 740 pa
Buy Gold , silver , copper